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AR Baltic Medical: Pioneering Medical Excellence​

Since its inception in 2006 in Vilnius, Lithuania, AR Baltic Medical has steadfastly positioned itself at the forefront of medical technology. As a distinguished medical device company, we specialise in production of drug-coated catheters, setting us apart in the industry with our unique offerings.

Our mission: "Offering the physician and the patients the best possible treatment." 

Our flagship product line compromise a drug-coated balloon catered to diverse medical applications:

  • Intra-cranial applications

  • Supra-aortic applications

  • Peripheral applications

  • Coronary arteries

  • Veins & Dialytic AV Fistulas

  • Urethra and Ureter applications

  • Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) Treatment

What truly sets AR Baltic Medical apart is our unparalleled expertise in drug-coating technology. Our catheters are imbued with a unique blend of two drugs:

Paclitaxel and Dextran. This dual-drug infusion enhances the therapeutic efficacy of our devices, ensuring optimal patient outcomes.

Moreover, our commitment to perfection is exemplified by our catheter'design. Boasting the lowest profile  in the market our catheter are meticulously crafted, ensuring ease of insertion, manoeuvrability and reduced trauma. 

Beyond the typical intra-vascular use. Whether it's for the urethra, ureter or addressing benign hyperplasia our range is unmatched.

The European Medical Device Producer

Hungary | Drug Coated Balloon | AR Baltic Medical | Intracranial


For Intracranial Use

Delivers drugs to sustain angioplasty in the intracranial vessels.


Dextran Gel Paclitaxel Coating Technology

Our Drug coated Balloons ELUTAX "3" or EMPEROR are characterised by micro sized Paclitaxel Crystals embedded in physiological Dextran. The small Drug Crystals penetrate easy the vessel wall and stay longer in place.


Interested in placing an order or learning more? Simply reach out today.

P. Lukšio g. 5b, Vilnius 08221, Lithuania

Helpline: 24/7/365

#33 6 21273746

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Medical Device Producer | Europe & Asia | DCB

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